Getting kids to care about the negative impact of illegal dumping in Chilliwack. By getting them to care about their community and its nature that mentality will seep into the rest of their family. That is achieved by two marketing materials: a digital infographic, that could be found on educational websites like National Geographic Kids; and a printed booklet, which would be given to schools. Both explain and provide stats on the issue. Encouraging families to join the city’s large group of volunteers aiding in removing the junk crowding the Fraser River and other high profile spots.

Printed informational material has a tendency of simply being thrown out. To avoid producing more trash the booklet is designed with re-purposing in mind. On the back of the booklet it provides origami for the children to do. Listed are five Chilliwack species at risk, along with a fun fact and origami instructions to build each one. By learning about the affected wildlife it develops a connection that will hopefully drive kids to help protect our nature.

SERVICES: Infographic, Print Design
CLIENT: City Of Chilliwack