Head of National Brand & Strategy

Aron McKague

Photo of Aron McKague
Photo of Aron McKague
Logo for the McKague Group
Logo for the McKague Group

Aron McKague is the Head of National Brand & Strategy for Autism Speaks Canada, the leading autism organization in Canada.

Since joining Autism Speaks Canada in 2020, he has significantly evolved their brand guide across dynamic digital, print, and emerging media to become the most recognized brand in the industry today. Led the development and implementation of the brand in a Canadian bilingual context. Mentored new hires and existing team members on design and brand standards. Overhauling all fundraising end-to-end marketing campaigns.
Aron has been marketing the Non-Profit and Environmental industry in previous roles at Tourism Mission, Stave West Forest & Recreation, Novitech, and other organizations. His work has informed public policy in Parliament and been recognized by Toys R Us, the City of Chilliwack, and the University of the Fraser Valley. He has appeared as an expert voice on creative thinking at EVE Advocate, among other leadership seminars. He is based in Vancouver.


#1 autism organization in Canada with a national reach of 18M+

In my role I successfully manage a bilingual communications portfolio of 18M national reach, 8.5M annual social impressions, and 484K annual website views. Lead a team of marketing specialists across Canada; Achieving communications goals with cross-functional teams on campaigns contributing to increased brand differentiation (96% likeability), brand engagement (+4% YoY), and brand loyalty (#1 Share of Voice). Engage in PR, internal and external communication resulting in the organization becoming the #1 Share of Voice among our sector—Canadian autism brands. Develop and execute English and French philanthropy campaigns for sustainable revenue generation (+150% YoY donations, +225% sponsorship). Collaborate with key corporate partners (Samsung Canada, TD Bank, Toys R Us, Pepsi Co.) to drive social impact. Responsible for effective budget management, review and approval for project planning, expenses, and reporting. Event promotion growing our flagship ASC Walk as Canada’s #1 autism walk (+12% registration).

Produced several television advertisements that ran on Canada's leading news network CTV and developed limited series for broadcast
Annual Reports, Corporate and Sponsorship Documents

Produced several television advertisements that ran on Canada's leading news network CTV and developed limited series for broadcast
Display Ads

Designed banner, pop-up, and digital ads to drive website traffic from leading publications including The Globe and Mail, Canadian Running Magazine, among others.
Social Media
Out-of-Home Advertising
Print Ads
Event Design
Success Metrics:

• Record Audience Acquisition: Huge growth in new audience across partners.
• 99%+ Retention: Almost all fans remained engaged over time.
• 3X CTR: Click-through rates tripled benchmarks.
• 2X Response Rates: Well above average response rates.
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