National Brand & Strategy Lead

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Aron McKague is the National Brand & Strategy Lead of Autism Speaks Canada. He is a passionate advocate for bringing the human back into marketing by better understanding and facilitating customer journeys.
job responsibility / what I am responsible for at Autism Speaks Canada. Include the budget parts because that means I'm not in a support role
Insert big KPIs I am responsible for here: "I did ____ for _____ which enabled _____.”
I moved our charity ranking by Canada’s forefront aggregate from a 4 star, B+ ranking which we had been stuck at for the past two years to a 5 star, A ranking by developing a report which included the ___ following stats which enabled donors to ______.
Include something about managing and training and hiring interns. Show leadership and managerial skills.
Videography and Film
Out-of-Home Advertising
Event Design
Recreate some b-roll photos of the development of the above designs. Not showing my face, it's always from behind me and to the side showing me on the computer, or a zoom up of my hands with a pencil and a piece of paper. Show me researching, sketching ideas, things that weren't working, ext. These photos can be in a black and white filter with polaroid noise filter from lightroom to indicate this is development and not final project. Can even include a song a was listening like good 4 u by olivia (a close up diagonal shot of Spotify on my laptop playing a song) to make it seem more like a lifestyle photo and personable. These development photos are not just about showing process but also to reveal that I am a person just like them, fleshing out my personality to hiring managers in order to stand out and be more likely to be remembered. It could even be a photo of me outside trying to get inspo, or visiting the library or an event for info, like for billboards, it's a photo of me outside looking at billboards in the city for contextual learnings to inform my planning and ensuring my design is the most effective result it can be (i am not meeting project needs, I am making the most effective result I can within the timeline of the project).
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